Map of East Griqualand

Explanation of the different category gardens: 

This year Encounter EG has the following motto: Aim to increase the love and enthusiasm of gardening throughout the community. Therefore, we have introduced a new concept of three groups of gardens: Keystone Gardens, Detour Gardens, and Vibe Gardens.

Keystone Gardens are well established, landscaped and manicured gardens which stir a raw wonder in the heart, a sheer delight in nature and her beauty.

Detour Gardens are“Watch this space! ”gardens: new, developing gardens; those established with a particular emphasis: water-wise, self-sustainable, interestingly laid out,park-like, eco-friendly, or with breath-taking views. These gardens are to give attainable ideas to beginner gardeners and to encourage the participation of those who feel their garden has much to offer but is not quite show standard yet.

Vibe Gardens include those that are especially colourful , pocket size gardens; those that offer a unique atmosphere.

These categories aim to stimulate the sharing of experience and knowledge in cultivating beauty. For each garden is an art piece reflecting the character of its owner/s and a tool to bind the community together in the sharing and pride that these creations bring.

  KARGS POST       
1 Pat Kotting  Peacehaven KG NEW
2 Yvonne Gallagher Highview KG NEW
3 Helen Treweek Willowdale DG Creative venue
4 Katie du Plessis Flitwick Ranch KG Art in the Park’ creative venue/estabished garden
5 Lanie Eaglestone Swindon KG NEW
6 Hennie Bosman Inglebrook DG NEW 2 YRS OLD – YOUNG GARDEN 
7 Ingie Bryden Strathneva KG Featured in ‘The Gardener’ April issue
8 Ashleigh Stanford Dwalhoek DG NEW – YOUNG GARDEN – will become  keystone garden
9&10 Hannalie/Anne McDougal Driefontein KG NEW
11 Patty v Zyl Rietfontein KG Large established garden
12 Cathy Green Fallondon KG Garden with huge plant variety
13 Gaye Kirk Chertsey KG Old established garden with variety
14 Elmarie Joubert  Eastfield KG RE-OPEN
15 Bev Hudson 43 Brownlee street KG RE-OPEN
16 Julie Ann Buss Ikamva KG Smaller town garden evolving every year
17 Teresa Olivier Sivile Centre CC Skills Training Centre
18 Bev Wardle and ladies CCMC CC Community Church Creative Venue
19 Bonkosi Riverleigh DG NEW & YOUNG GARDEN
** KG Keystone Gardens    
** DG Detour Gardens    
** CC Garden/Centre established for community