Linda Pieterse

Sat 4 Nov 12:00/ Rietfontein (5)

Contact Patty 082 257 0406

Tarr Roses is a family business started in 1993 by Linda’s Dad eventually managed to successfully graft some roses and then had an overproduction! Barbara, Linda‘s mom, then had to handle the sales of these roses. The business is still run by the family and now sells more than 14000 roses a year throughout the country.

Patty is our local agent for Tarr Roses and is doinga sterling job promoting and growing the brand in the East Griqualand area. Due to Tarr roses being grown in similar climatic conditions they do exceptionally well in this area.

Linda will be regaling us with practical rose advice at our annual Rose Bonanza in Rietfontein the garden of Patty van Zyl on Saturday from 12:00.