Valerie Payn

Fri 3 Nov 13:00 Strathneva and

Sun 5 Nov 11:30 Fallodon

Val Payn – Ecological Gardening

Valerie Payn has an MPhil Degree in Sustainable Development Planning and Management (cum laude) through Stellenbosch University’s Sustainability Institute. She has been a keen gardener and environmentalist for most of her life. For many years, after completing a garden design course through renowned British landscaper David Stevens’ International Garden Design School, she practiced as a professional landscape designer and consultant, wrote regular articles for a popular South African gardening magazine, and ran workshops on garden design for aspiring gardeners. Val will speak in Strathneva, Ingie Bryden’s garden (Discover the Wonderful World of Heritage Food Plants) on Friday at 13:00 and in Fallodon, Cathy Green’s Garden (Easy-Peasy Composting and Other Natural Ways to Build Soil Fertility) on Sunday at 11:30. Her beautiful “An Ecological Gardeners Handbook” will also be on sale.

Directions: SeeStrathneva and  Fallodon